How long is a piece of string?
This is a perfect analogy of what IDS can provide, whatever it is you need to have designed IDS can do it for you.
We take pride in adapting our creativity to everything we take on.
We believe that if there is talent and a natural ability to create good design then this ability crosses over to all areas of design.
Be it logo design, magazine design, posters and banner design, book design even to a degree crossing over to the technical side of workflow design and store layout and event layout design. Design is a very personal thing one persons idea of beautiful design may not in fact be appealing to another. It is up to IDS to be able to analyse, understand get into the head of the client and come up with a solution.
This is what we at IDS are all about, creating a wonderful design solution on every job we undertake, for every client.
We consider ourselves visual mathematicians and thrive of creating the perfect solution….


IDS can create a logo for your business from start to finish. Once complete we are able to take that logo and generate a corporate identity unique for your business. As specific style guide can be created for you for your reference for future usage. Additionally IDS can take your Corporate identity and brand all your advertising cohesively to enable your business to be instantly recognised.
IDS can create a magazine concept for you from a basic idea or from an existing magazine that requires an redesign. From this concept we can roll out the new design into a fully functioning magazine or set you up with templates to manage the design your self. IDS has over 25 years experience in the publishing industry working on national weekly magazines and can generate a personalised magazine workflow system, schedule and grid. We have the knowledge to source imagery and to undertake all parts of magazine production.
IDS can assist in any form of book from cookbooks through to hard cover novels and coffee table books. From concept through to the printed finished item IDS has the experience to cover all facets of the book.
IDS can create a unique look and feel for any event from engagements, birthdays, christenings, bar mitzvahs, fund raisers, weddings to funerals. We can also add and create everything required for the event, place cards, menus, booklets, seating plan the entire look and feel.
IDS can create all your point of sale items to compliment your business. We can design flyers, brochures, small booklets, posters, banners. If you require monthly or weekly newsletters IDS can offer design.
IDS is able to do all Photoshop work on all pictures supplied or purchased when required. IDS is also fully capable of fulfilling all production needs required on any job large or small from 160 page magazines and books though to business cards. All hires print ready PDF files are made on client sign off and they are sent directly to the printer.
IDS can take all your print management worries away we can check your files fix any issues where possible and get your files to the printer carry out press checks when appropriate to ensure quality.
Where required IDS can sit in on meetings and advise on the design process and guide clients through the design process. Alternatively IDS can be contracted to take on a roll to guide other Art Directors, designers or art departments/studios through revamping, redesign, studio set ups, workflow systems, redesign