IDS had worked closely with a publishing company producing the design concepts and layout of another monthly title when IDS was approached to assist in the design of a magazine for Australian Tourism based on the release of the movie AUSTRALIA. IDS worked closely with the team at Globe Publishing Australia working with very strict guidelines. The magazine concept on approval was to be templated and built by IDS for designers to use around the world. This was a significant issue which naturally impacted on the final design as the magazine from the templates was to be designed and published in different languages. The initial concept was required to look good but additionally be simple to enable the different sized letters from other languages to be easily inserted. Additionally the templates needed to be easily tweaked by any designer in any language. Minimal fonts were incorporated with a sleek and simple layout which could easily be manipulated as required. IDS also put together a template guide – showcasing the entire concept magazine to be sent with the templates as a user guide. Globe Publishing & IDS on completion presented the templates and user guide of the Australia – the magazine to the client Tourism Australia.