IDS was approached to take on the creative the well established Barbie Magazine in Australia. IDS inherited a magazine that had no design structure and the entire publication was sent in actual working file format to the printer. The previous art director had inherited the same issues and there were massive issues with producing hires printable PDF files for the printer from the original working files. IDS completed the first issue keeping to the already set layout design. During the production process IDS contacted the printer direct and began to troubleshoot the files and the production process finally successfully eliminating the errors in the files that were stopping the PDF generation. For the first time Barbie Magazine Australia had hires PDF files sent directly to the printer. IDS continued to produce the monthly title each issue eliminating more design and production problems slowly cleaning up the files to minimise errors at the production stage. IDS additionally began to slowly introduce a redesign of the magazine. With covers getting a new look each month. During the work on Barbie Magazine Australia IDS worked closely with the magazine Editors Subeditors, Picture Editors, both inhouse and remotely in IDS office. This process included all design layout, production and proof sign off.